Rocky Mountain Qualifier

This event is hosted by Alberta Artistic Swimming
Club Co-Host: Edmonton Auroras

When: February 21-27, 2022

Where: Kinsmen Sports Centre, Edmonton
Who: Provincial and National Stream athletes; age groups as per CAS Rulebook

Rocky Mountain Qualifier Event FAQs

AAS will only cancel the in-person events of Rocky Mountain Qualifier if any level of government or facility restriction makes it such that we are unable to deliver it in some capacity. As such, this decision could be made at any time in reaction to any such restriction(s) that come into place.

Yes. At present, clubs that are outside of the Edmonton area and not willing or unable to travel to participate in their “in-person” events due to the current environment can participate virtually for routines. These clubs can submit some or all of their routines via video. These videos will have to be submitted by 3:00pm on Wednesday February 23, 2022. There will be no adjustments to the entry fees or surcharges for these clubs that choose not to attend in-person. The logistics of this are being finalized however the plan will be for these videos to be judged within the time frame of the in-person schedule.

Yes. Please refer to the Rocky Mountain Qualifier Event Contingencies on our website. In addition to this modifications have been made to the time limit rule for the event. A memo was distribute to clubs and can be found on our website.

Any changes and updates will be communicated via email to all competitive club presidents and member coaches listed to the event. Additionally, updates may be communicated on social media and on our website page for this event.

The specific protocols for our events can be found on our website page for this event.

It means that everyone, including all athletes, coaches and spectators who do not have an athlete(s) warming up or competing are to leave the pool deck and the facility. The Assistant Chief Referee and the Technical Director or their designate will be ensuring that those who should not be on deck at the time are leaving the pool deck and the facility. Should this ruling change for any reason the technical director will communicate as soon as possible via email and social media.

Please refer to the event protocols related to Hospitality (Athletes and Coaches) found on the Rocky Mountain Qualifier page website.

Extra routines can arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled lap/execution warm up and teams may arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled lap/execution warm up. Athletes will have to stay within their designated club space on the pool deck so clubs should prepare for different ways to land drill and prepare as space will be limited within your zone.

Yes, there will be a gelling station set up at the pool in the changeroom. Athletes should gel hair prior to coming to the pool when possible. When it is not possible, athletes can use the designated hair gelling station but must adhere to the masking requirement, physical distancing as possible and any other public health orders.

Athletes can apply or touch up their own make up. There can be no sharing of makeup and application should be done individually to avoid close contact. Make up should be applied prior to coming to the pool when possible. Make up application can only be done in the club zone.

All individuals entering the Kinsmen facility must have completed the daily screening checklist just prior to their arrival as outlined in the competition event protocols. The current checklist is available here. More information or if you are unsure whether you need to isolate or quarantine can be found here.

Spectators must enter through the main entrance for the event to be allowed entry as per Kinsmen Sport Centre requirements. Kinsmen currently does not have an REP in place, but this could be implemented at any time should Edmonton council choose to do so. Currently spectator capacity is limited to 500 which is approximately 50% of their capacity but this is subject to change in the coming weeks. Spectators are to be practising social distancing within the seating at Kinsmen and asked to leave when the event for their athlete(s) is completed to allow for others.

Note: If there is a lineup to get into the facility, those participating in the event may be prioritized for entry.

No, parents/guardians or family members are not to be in the change room of the facility at this event except for a parent who is acting as a support person to an athlete in our adapted events. The name of this individual must be provided to the Technical Director by February 23 to ensure accreditation to the pool deck.

Information on requirements to access Kinsmen can be found here. Please note that at this facility, everyone must always wear a mask.

NOTE – all individuals are reminded that they must adhere to the Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) Conduct Policy and that harassment of any volunteers, officials, facility staff, coaches, AAS staff, athletes or any individuals will not be tolerated. Any breaches will be subject to discipline as per the applicable AAS or CAS policies.

Any athlete who is unable to attend due to a COVID positive test or isolation requirement will be eligible to participate in the next event, the Wildrose Classic and National Qualifier. Athletes will not be required to provide proof of this given the challenges within the health system but are required to notify the Chief Referee and Technical Director immediately. Refunds are not provided to any athletes unable to participate in the event.

Any athlete may withdraw from the event due to illness, COVID isolation or other excusable reasons and will be eligible to participate in the next event, the Wildrose Classic or National Qualifier.

Refunds are not provided to any athletes who withdraw from the event.

Yes, for this event athletes will be able to participate in whatever event they are registered in and able to compete. This will not affect their ability to move forward to the next event. Any withdrawals must be communicated to the Chief Referee and Technical Director immediately.

No, chaperones or older athletes will not be allowed to replace any coaches for their duties on pool deck.

Clubs may substitute a member Recreational coach for a competitive coach that becomes unable to participate due to COVID reasons or ask for member coach(es) from another participating club to act as a substitute. A list of any potential coaches who may act as a substitute at the event must be communicated to the Technical Director no later than February 23, 2022.

If a team swims half of the routine and elements are missed as a results, the scorer sets the element panel as 0% for result placing purposes. This will be applied to the whole event, so the routines are evaluated the same. The detailed results will have marks for the elements, so the coaches and athletes still get the feedback for their completed elements in score form. If all the routines in the vent are finished, the scorer leaves the percentages for all panels as normal. 

AAS will not have a photographer at this event. There will not be any backgrounds set up on pool deck or the concourse level for photo opportunities due to our current environment and the requirement that all athletes must remain masked unless participating in physical activity.


Yes, scores and/or results may be delayed dependent on the situation and contingencies that arise.

No, we are unable to accommodate any extensions on figure video submissions.


Awards will be given for figures, tech routine and routines (including free). Championship will be provided for all events aside from 16-20, Junior and Senior.

Awards will be available for pick up at the event. 

No, the Rocky Mountain Qualifier event does not involve formal award presentations. 

Please refer to the Provincial Team Bye Policy for full details regarding medical byes. AAS recognizes that the documentation to meet requirements outlined in 7. a. ii. may not be possible however, notification still needs to be provided as outlined in 7.a to receive a bye. If you have any further questions please direct them to Jaime Thompson, Technical Director.

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