NCCP Training and Certification

The training of coaches for synchronized swimming uses the National Coach Certification Program. The new NCCP model is made up of three streams and a total of eight contexts, each with its own coaching requirements. Synchro Canada is responsible for identifying how many of the eight contexts are relevant to their sport. As such Synchro Canada has identified a coach development model.

The new NCCP provides for training and evaluation of coaches at all levels. Coaches can take courses that cover information on the training outcomes for their applicable level and a coach is then evaluated on that training outcome.

Synchro Instructor (for Recreational Coaches) – approved

Competition Introduction Coach (for Provincial Stream Coaches) – approved

Competition Development (for National Stream Coaches) – approved

Competition High Performance (for Competitive Coaches of athletes of a National Team level) – in development – CURRENT EQUIVALENT NCCP LEVEL4/5

Training modules/outcomes are offered by Synchro Alberta in Synchro Instructor and Competition Introduction. Information on any upcoming courses can be found in the Calendar of Events. The Competition Development program is offered through Synchro Canada.

To become certified at a level coaches will need to be evaluated on the outcomes for their applicable level. Evaluations will be coordinated through the Synchro Alberta office please contact the Technical Coordinator for more information or visit the Coach Training/Certification Page.

Coach training and certification in Alberta

In order to be a synchronized swimming coach in Alberta at a recreational or competitive level, individuals must meet the Coach Certification Policy, which means one must be minimally trained in order to be on deck. Specific details can be found on the policies web page.

Coaches who will be coaching at a competitive level must meet Synchro Alberta rule 6.2, meeting a minimum level of full certification. Details can be found in the Synchro Alberta rule book.

Synchro Alberta offers training opportunities annually, often close to or during the start of the competitive season in September or October. The Synchro Alberta Delivery of Coach Courses, provides further details on delivery. Course dates are subject to facility availability, facilitator availability and a minimum number of participants. Generally these courses are held in Edmonton or Calgary. Other locations may be considered. Once a course date and location has been coordinated, the information will be emailed to all club presidents and head coaches and it will be posted on the calendar of events page along with the registration form.

Once a coach has completed a course they are considered trained. The next step is to complete certification by completing the necessary outcomes specific to the level of course taken, there are four outcomes per course. Please see the Evaluation Administration Process document for information on completing outcomes. One of the outcomes for each course is called Make Ethical Decisions (MED). Courses are offered through NCCP partners in each province, you can check the CAC website for dates and locations in your province. Following the course you can take your MED on-line evaluation which is taken on-line through the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). As a side note, you can take your MED on-line module without taking the course. Please see the link below with details for this module. Once the four outcomes are complete the coach will be certified at the appropriate level.

Synchro Alberta encourages all individuals to take a coaching course. Coaches can alternatively challenge the course however if coaches do not pass they must take the course to complete their certification. Please see the NCCP Challenge Process for more details.

NCCP Evaluation Registration Form – pdf, Word
NCCP Challenge Registration Form – pdf, Word
Make Ethical Decisions Information