NCCP Training & Certification

For information on courses delivered in Alberta, visit the Coach Courses page.

NCCP Training

The training of coaches for artistic swimming is through the National Coach Certification Program in partnership with Alberta Artistic Swimming, Canada Artistic Swimming and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Training and evaluation of coaches is provided for the recreational stream and the competitive stream. 
You can obtain an NCCP number at anytime. Information on how to create an NCCP number and how to navigate the Locker can be found in this NCCP Status Guide.

Coaches must be trained in the context in which you intend to coach and have completed the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) course and the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation. The course is offered through Ministry of Culture and Status of Women. Visit the course calendar to register for an MED course. 

AquaGO! is for instructors working in a recreational program. The course and evaluations are delivered through the province. To complete the pool portion please follow the instructions in the AquaGO! Pool Session Document. 

Competition Introduction is the entry point for more competitive coaches and supports the coach in the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages. This course and the evaluations are delivered through the province. 

Competition Development is for competitive coaches coaching the Train to Train and Train to Compete stages. This course and the evaluations are delivered through Canada Artistic Swimming. 

Professional Development Points: Certified coaches must maintain their status by earning PD points as outline in the Coach Development Pathway. This is done through continuing education and active coaching. Points are updated on a coaches profile by the CAC for courses through the Locker, NSO’s and PTSO’s by attending sessions delivered through these governing bodies or by self-declaring. See the FAQ on the the CAC’s website.

Additional courses are offered through NCCP partners in each province, you can check the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) website for dates and locations in your province or visit the Coach Courses page for what is available in Alberta. 

NCCP Certification

Certification Process:

AquaGO! Evaluation

TO complete the AquaGO! evaluation, please go to the Artistic Swimming Coach website and log into your profile and follow the steps in the AquaGO! information block. 

To complete the first evaluation, click here for information

Competition Introduction Evaluation

Please see the Evaluation Administration Process document for information on completing outcomes. To register for an evaluation please use the AAS Comp Intro Evaluation Registration link. Please note that the coach must have met all ‘trained; requirements as per the Coach Development pathway.

Competition Development Evaluation

CAS Manages all aspects of the Competition Development Program. For more information about this program or to register for an evaluation please contact them directly or visit their website. 

To be eligible to coach you must meet all the requirements of the CAS Coach Registration and Certification Policy

NCCP Professional Development Points

Information and Resources

Coaches must meet the CAS Coach Registration and Certification Policy to be eligible to be on deck. In addition to this, the CAC requires that all coaches maintain their certification via Professional Development (PD) points.

Please note that it is your responsibility to stay on top of your points. If you do not meet the requirements, the CAC will change your certified status to ‘not renewed’/ At this point you will no longer be eligible to be on deck at national level meets. 

Alberta Artistic Swimming will offer occasional sport specific and/or non-sport specific opportunities. Points are earned based on the parameters set out by the CAC and CAS. If you are attending, or have attended, something not delivered by AAS, CAS or CAC you can self report these in your Locker profile, under the certification page. 

REMEMBER: You are eligible to earn one point per year as an active coach. Points must be recorded annually through the self report process on your Locker profile. 

Since most non-NCCP learning opportunities are offered through other organizations, AAS will do its best to provide information and links on the Coach Courses page for your convenience. If you know any opportunities that you would like to pass along, please send the information using the contact us form below. 

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