Competitive Programs

Provincial Stream

Wildrose Development Camp – This camp is for the Provincial Stream athlete. Athletes will be selected to attend this camp from the figure results from the Wildrose Classic Qualifier. Athletes will receive invitations following the Wildrose Classic Qualifier.

Athlete Figures Recognition Program

National Stream

Provincial Teams – Information on eligibility and the selection process is circulated annually to competitive clubs. Due to age restrictions at international meets, athletes who are outside of the FINA are requirements (Junior 15-18 as of December 31 of the year in which the competition takes place) may not be eligible to participate on provincial teams. 

Canada Winter Games – This event takes place every four years, with the next games taking place in 2025 in Newfoundland and Labrador. The games generally take place at the beginning of August. Athletes must be between 12-21 as of December 21 of the year in which the games take place in order to qualify. The age category may be reviewed, any changes will be communicated. The selection process for the Canada Winter Games is generally distributed in the competitive season prior to the games. 

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