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AquaGO! is the nation-wide grassroots program for artistic swimming in Canada and is the launching pad for all other programs delivered by Canada Artistic Swimming. By launching the AquaGO! program in your club or community, you will be providing the opportunity for children to join in the fun, develop aquatic literacy and learn what artistic swimming is all about. This new program reflects the current science behind long-term athlete development (LTAD) in the sport of artistic swimming, this focusing on developing aquatic literacy as well as providing an introduction to the sport. 

Led by certified instructors/coaches, the program is designed to meet the needs of the children who will find the content fun to learn while participating in a safe and welcoming environment that incorporates a variety of basic physical and athletic skills in and out of the water. Children may use their new acquired skills to advance further in the sport of artistic swimming or may transfer to other aquatic and land-based activities. 

AquaGO! benefits participants by:

  • Introducing new ways to move in and out of the water

  • Developing physical literacy and aquatic literacy

  • Being accessible and inclusive – AquaGO! welcomes all abilities, skill levels and participants

  • Providing fitness and health benefits and the opportunity to participate for life

  • Developing teamwork skills

AquaGO! benefits programmers by:

  • Delivering a ready-made program provided in a ready-to-teach format

  • Providing a nationally supported program available across Canada

  • Filling a programming gap – AquaGO! is ideal for swimmers who are between swimming levels or waiting to meet an age requirement

  • Providing a diversified program, appealing to the parents of all beginners

Star Program

For swimmers eager to learn the sport of artistic swimming, Canada Artistic Swimming’s Star Program offers progressive, step-by-step instruction and evaluation suitable for a variety of ages and abilities, including persons with a disabilities. 

This developmental skills program offers instruction starting with basic skills and moving to more advanced techniques as swimmers progress through the levels. Artistic swimmers will learn all of the fundamental sculls, basic figures and their parts, and be introduced to a sequence and routine component in the early levels, Stars 1-10. They will then move to the most challenging figures and routine skill sets in the Superstar 1-7 levels. 

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