About Us

What is Alberta Artistic Swimming

Alberta Artistic Swimming is the non-profit sport governing body for artistic swimming in the province of Alberta incorporated in October 1970.  We are one of 10 member provinces or territories affiliated with our parent organization, Canada Artistic Swimming.

Mission Statement

To lead and develop people in the sport of artistic swimming in Alberta

Board of Directors

The Alberta Artistic Swimming Board consists of 8 members

They are responsible for:

  • Determining the strategic plan for the Association taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the membership at large

  • Approving and monitoring the Alberta Artistic Swimming budget

  • Developing provincial policies

  • Evaluating the organizations program and performance results

  • Directing and overseeing the general activities of the Association

  • Approval of Association committee members, selection and appointment of certain committee chairs


The smooth running of the association depends upon willing volunteers who serve as administrative members, officials, coaches and program coordinators. The future direction of Artistic Swimming in Alberta is influenced in no small way by this volunteer section. If you would like to become involved in any way with Artistic Swimming, please contact the office, we appreciate your interest and support.

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