Development Conference

The 2023 AAS Development Conference will bring together our Coaches, Officials, Administration, and Volunteers, forge relationships across subgroups, and facilitate conversations across the province. The conference is 1.5 days of immersive workshops, empowering keynotes, and inspiring stories designed to help you create balance and maintain your community’s mental health and wellness.

Rates of depression, anxiety, burnout, and stress have all soared over the last few years and we are hoping to give you some tools. These tools can be for yourself, a fellow coach/official/administrator, and/or your athletes. Workshops include ways to grow in your mental health and wellness through self compassion, mindful leadership, stress management, and having the right mental health skills. We will also be exploring marketing, the new scoring system information, insurance, and so much more! 

Participants will leave this event with new ideas, new understandings and most importantly new relationships with colleagues doing similar work across the province.

LOCATION: Wyndham Edmonton, 4440 Gateway Blvd. Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2

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