Vision and values

To lead and develop people in the sport of artistic swimming in Alberta

Leading the nation in all aspects of the sport of artistic swimming.

Alberta Artistic Swimming will have an increased number of people – athletes, coaches and officials involved in the sport.

Alberta Artistic Swimming values integrity, collaboration, excellence and innovation.

Integrity – maintain a global perspective that is informed, ethical and accountable to our members.
Collaboration – work with our members, Canada Artistic Swimming and its’ members, funding agencies, sponsors, other sports and facilitate relations amongst our clubs, coaches, officials and athletes.
Excellence – continually strive for quality beyond the status quo in our programs and services.
Innovation – incorporate proactive, leading edge thinking and methods in the development and delivery of our programs and services.

Alberta Artistic Swimming has identified 5 strategic directions. The focus of these five strategic directions will enable Alberta Artistic Swimming to achieve success and continually work towards achieving its mission. The five strategic directions, in alphabetical order, are Advocacy, Athlete Development, Club Development, Coach Development and Official Development.


The future of sport requires that governments at all levels and the general public understand the value of sport and how it contributes to society.

Alberta Artistic Swimming will advocate for the sport of artistic swimming and sport in general to increase awareness, the need for facilities and financial support.

Athlete Development

The recruitment, development and retention of athletes are the primary reasons for Alberta Artistic Swimming’s existence.

Alberta Artistic Swimming shall strive to increase and retain athletes, to provide them with opportunities that will advance their skill and overall development in both a recreational and competitive environment.

Club Development

The overall success of artistic swimming is a result of the strength and health of our clubs and their volunteers.

Alberta Artistic Swimming will provide opportunities and resources to support our clubs.

Coach Development

An integral component to the advancement of athletes and artistic swimming, is the recruitment, development, and retention of coaches.

Alberta Artistic Swimming will create programming that maximizes development opportunities for the coaches in our province as well as focus on recruitment and retention.

Official Development

Artistic swimming relies heavily on the trained volunteers that judge at our competitions and evaluate our athletes.

Alberta Artistic Swimming will recruit, develop and retain officials.