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If you require a coach registration package, please contact Jennifer Flowers at Alberta Artistic Swimming. 

In order to coach Artistic Swimming in Alberta, coaches must comply with the following policies:

Coaches must meet minimum requirements to be eligible for a membership and to be eligible to be on deck. Coaches must also have ‘trained’ status on their NCCP transcript as an AquaGO! coach (previously instructor) to coach recreational athletes or a Competition Introduction Coach or Competitions Development Coach to coach competitive athletes. NCCP requirements can be found in the Coach Development Pathway on the Artistic Swimming Coach website. 

If your NCCP status does not show as trained, you can find our what is missing by following instructions in the “NCCP Requirements: How Do I Complete Missing Requirements?” document. 

What is the membership year with AAS and CAS?

The membership year is from September 1 to August 31

Do coaches have to be registered on the AAS database before they can participate?

Yes, all coaches must meet the requirements from the CAS Coach Registration and Certification Policy and have an ‘issued’ status on the AAS H20REG before they are eligible to participate in any club sanctioned training or activities.

How do I know if I meet all of the requirements?

Please read through the CAS Coach Registration and Certification Policy to find all requirements, including non-NCCP and NCCP requirements. For NCCP requirements you can review the Coach Development Pathway found on the Artistic Swimming Coach website or through your NCCP profile. Click on the ‘I’ to find missing requirements.

All coaches must be trained in the context in which they are intending to coach in. To coach the AquaGo! program or other recreational programs coaches must be minimally trained as an AquaGo! Coach. To coach competitive programs, including competitive masters, coaches must be minimally trained as an Introduction to Competition Coach.

The H2OREG system has checks to ensure you meet the requirements. If you do not meet the requirements you will not receive an ‘issue’ status. Please review the links above. You will be directed to these links if you contact AAS.

How do I know which membership category to choose?

  • Competitive – coaching in the provincial stream and/or national stream. This coach can also coach in the recreational stream.
  • Recreational – coaching only in the recreational stream, either an AquaGo! program and or instructional type programs.

What if the H2OREG system will not allow me to input information for the requirements?

Background checks: If you are not 18 at the time of registration you will not be able to complete a background check. Please contact AAS to have this information updated. AAS will set an expiry date to that of your 18th birthday at which time your status will change to ‘pending’, meaning you no longer meet the registration requirements and you are no longer insured to coach. It is your responsibility to complete a background check when required.

CAS Screening form: this form is to be filled out and submitted to AAS.

NCCP Requirements: AAS will manually confirm this information from the CAC database and update your registration accordingly. If your status on the CAC database is not ‘trained’ (it will say ‘not yet certified’ – see the above diagram) then you will not be eligible to coach. Please review the requirements through your NCCP profile or through the Coach Development Pathway on the Artistic Swimming Coach Website.

Do I have to take the MED course or can I go directly to the MED Evaluation?

Yes, you have to take the MED course. Course dates and registration information can be found on the Alberta Governments website. Once completed your NCCP profile will be updated, this may take several days to do so.

What if my MED evaluation is already done, do I still have to take the course?

If you completed the evaluation prior to September 1, 2021 you do not need to take the course. If you have completed or complete your evaluation after September 1, 2021 you will still need to take the MED course as per the Coach Development Pathway.

What if there are no coach courses?

AAS offers coach courses in the late summer to early fall and in the spring. Information for AAS coach courses can be found on the AAS website. Registration for courses is through the Artistic Swimming Coach website. There are pre-course materials that will have to be completed through the Artistic Swimming Coach website in order for the registration link to be available. You may register for any available courses across the country. Please keep in mind that not all courses will be offered online and all pool-portions will have to be done in-person.

I will be coaching competitive athletes, are there specific requirements to go to competitions?

Yes. Coaches must be certified within two years of completing the Competition Introduction Coach course to attend any PTSO hosted competition. The CAS Coach Registration and Certification Policy, Section VIII B outlines the requirements. Coaches must have met these requirements prior to the event they intend to participate at. Certification information, including a registration link, can be found on the AAS website.

What will be collected for a coach on the database?

All forms and information required by policies or needed for participation in artistic swimming by AAS and Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) will be collected within the database with the exception of the CAS Screening disclosure form.

Do I have to make a donation to AAS? If I do, how are the funds utilized?

No, the donation question is a default part of the system from the developer. As such a donation to AAS is optional so you can skip by selecting “proceed to cart” or select a $0.00 amount. If you choose to donate, these funds would be tracked as donations and allocated to athlete development initiatives such and development camps, talent identification programs and/or provincial teams.

Will I get a new Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS) membership number if I do not get a link as a returning member?

No, if you have been a member of Alberta Artistic Swimming (AAS) in the past, AAS will access your CAS number on the former database and add it to your profile.

How do I access and mange my membership(s) for any address changes, signed waivers/agreements, membership type, etc.?

Once you’ve purchased your membership online you can access all the detail information from your account.

  1. Log in, go to your name (on the top right corner from a computer, on the top left from a tablet or phone), and go to the “My memberships” menu.
  2. If you have more than one membership, they are grouped by profile. Find the profile (person) who’s membership you want to view and open the section if it is minimized.
  3. Click Manage, then View/Edit membership or licence.
  4. You’ll have access to all the details of your membership, as applicable, as well as the options listed above except of a digital membership card which is still being finalized. 

Have the membership fees for AAS and CAS been increased for 2022-23?

No, the membership fees for 2021-22 are the same as last season with a 2.9% + $.50/transaction processing fee added at time of checkout.

Can I add more than one membership to my cart before I checkout?

Yes. You may add more than one role to your shopping cart and you will pay the highest fee of the roles chosen. The cart and your receipt will itemize the applicable fees.

Do I have to register for all roles at once?

No. You can always come back to the landing page to add additional roles. The system will determine if the additional role has a higher fee. If not then there will be no fee to pay. If the additional role has a higher fee you will be required to pay the difference.

Can I register more than one person?

If you have a child that needs to register, you can complete both your registrations at once in the H2OREG database.. If you have more than one athlete and/or are registering yourself in a different role you may add multiple registrants to your cart and checkout when done. The cart and your receipt will itemize the applicable fees.

Can I choose a club to affiliate with?

Yes. You must choose a club to affiliate with so your club registrar can confirm you are a member of the club and so that your information will be transferred to the CAS database accordingly. If you missed adding a club you will have to contact AAS to have it added to the profile.

Can I affiliate with more than one club?

No. This is something we hope to have available for the 2022-2023 season.

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