A Letter from the Respect Group

Dear Friends and Partners,

Respect Group was recently commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Education to create some critical tools to assist youth (14 and up) with the many mental health issues they face as they return to school, sport and activity during this unprecedented time. 

Through close collaboration with our friends at Kids Help Phone we have created these free Mental Health Chats and I ask that you please take the time to share them with your network, social media channels and the young people you interact with. 

As we all know, mental health is of utmost importance, perhaps now, more than ever, and I thank you for making the distribution of these resources a priority.

-Wayne McNeil
Co-Founder – Respect Group

Respect Group is proud to announce new free resources for teens in collaboration with Kids Help Phone. 

Respect Group was contracted to design and produce approximately 30 minutes of dynamic multimedia/video content to address some of the most common and significant mental health issues faced by teens (ages 14-17) today. 

Respect Group has produced 4 “chat” videos available through Kids Help Phone. 

Click below to access the free mental health chats

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